Saturday, 5 May 2012


Some tips are there to minimize negative marks :
In General Awareness and Computers if you are able to eliminate two options  then choose one of the relevant option to your question. Suppose you have done five questions like this in that there is at least one question may right, then for this one question remaining four questions goes for negative score. If you get two answers correct you will get one extra mark. Think be positive while guessing in this method. Maximum no lost for you, it will give you some extra marks.
Ex: Who is the famous writer of the following?
a)Sachin Tendulkar    b)Saina Nehwal c)Chethan Baghat   d)Mukul Rai   e)None Of these

Most of the members know about sachin and saina nehwal, so you have to eliminate these options and choose one of the remaining options.

In English you have to guess the nearest answer for the question. Generally most of the candidates fail to read paragraph. But there is a small trick to do some questions in the paragraph . In every paragraph they asks some questions on SAME MEANING and OPPOSITE MEANING bold letters in this just you have to read the entire line where the bold letter is present then you have to understand at least some meaning about the word then choose your right answer.

In Aptitude and Reasoning you don’t guess anything like this way because it may be wrong for your guess.

The main thing is if you are not able to eliminate any option don’t put any option, because in five options there is less possibility of your answer correct. If anybody fails to attempt minimum qualifying marks , don’t left them blank and leave the room. Because you are not attempted the minimum qualifying marks you chose some options and put it, may your guess right. If you don’t choose you are definitely fail, If you choose some options there is a chance may your guesses correct.

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